This thank you is long overdue. I am in the middle of cleaning my windows & screens and had to stop to write you an email (thanks for the little tea break). I first purchased your product at a craft show in NJ. Believe me, my sister and I were back to the next show to purchase more.

I purchased more last fall for Christmas gifts for my daughters and I. When I received the order, I was a little annoyed because it was not the (3) 12' lengths which was what I ordered, but all multi sized pieces. THEN I actually laid them out on the kitchen floor and realized you increased the order! What a lovely Christmas surprise! I want to let you know that I have been" paying it forward" by sharing them with my friends. Hopefully it will result in additional orders for you.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Nothing is better for cleaning windows and screens. They are virtually streak free. They are so fantastic for touching up the screens, especially after the tree pollen coats them. I just go outside and they grab all the pollen without spreading it all over.

I use them all over the house and found that I don't have to use harsh chemicals, because they magically "grab" the dirt. Especially on plastic and fiberglass. You have a faithful customer!

Thank you again.
- Stella K.

PS - My youngest daughter, after using the cloth, called me and said, "Is it weird that I covet these cloths?""

Subject: An absolute miracle!
"Dear Renee,
I discovered your web site by accident. I was looking for tips on cleaning "hazy, streaked mirrors". I read about your product and all of the customer reviews. I had cleaned my large bathroom mirror with a commercial grade paper towel, not realizing it had an oil base. I had tried everything! to get rid of the haze and streaking. Nothing helped!

It would look clean for a little while then haze over again. After reading all the reviews I ordered some of the cloths. When I received them I followed the directions and rinsed them. Then I proceeded to clean my mirror. It looked good but I waited, and waited. NO Haze or Streaking!!! I tried not to get excited but 24 hours later my mirror looked brand new. Then I cleaned the sliding glass doors, other mirrors, all looked great.

What a fabulous product!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, if only you could invent a cloth to wipe away those unwanted pounds..."
- Carol S.

"Hi Renee,
I was at the Helen Brett show in Baton Rouge, LA where I saw you and those great cloths and mops. I bought a two pack and a mop and came back the next day for an 18 pack (or whatever size it was—I've already given away all of them and don't remember how many I actually got). Anyway, my sister-in-law placed an order with you today (before she talked to me) for a 12 pack and a mop. I really wanted to order more cloths and it is a better deal to get the 36 pack. Is there any way you could charge me for the difference (and any difference in shipping) and send us the 36 pack instead? You can send them all to my sister-in-law if you are willing to do this.

As I said, I've given away all but 2 cloths – I kept those for me – and everyone loves them. My husband is building a new office building and paid someone to clean the windows. They did a great job, but there are, of course, streaks. I cleaned some of the windows in our house yesterday and told him to look at them and he was amazed. Of course now I have to reclean the office windows. Oh well, with these great cloths, all I have to do is wipe them once and am done. No heavy scrubbing and no working to eliminate the streaks. There are none!"

Thanks Renee,
- Jill B.

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You have lost everything."